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At Northeastern University, I work with Professor Jose Martinez at the Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats(ALERT) center. I began working here in my freshman semester of college on a project to detect explosive at standoff distances. Additionally, later on I also began work on detecting breast cancer using a fused microwave and Xray approach. On this project, I worked on the system level design including: Field Programmable Gate Array triggers, Analog to Digital conversion architecture and radar layout. While working on these two project, I was chosen as a Gordon Scholar: which is a program to get student involved in ALERT research in return for STEM outreach. As a Gordon Scholar, I attended weekly meeting where different research topics where discussed such as Leadership Skills, Research Ethics, and Presentation and Poster Building Skills. The outreach that I did for this program was teaching student (in another web post) Arduino via the Northeastern Program for Teaching Undergraduates. Near the middle of this program my advisor helped me to apply to the Provost Grant program. This program gives students funds in order to help develop a concept or idea. I applied and was given all the funding that I had requested for my ALERT project! At the end of my freshman year, I presented the above project at the RISE fair. I was selected as an innovation alley participant which 20/400 projects are selected. For this award, my project was placed in the direct center alley where lots of guests passed by to ask questions.