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During my junior year, I applied for and received a fellowship to perform research at CERN. At CERN, I worked with my mentor Tancredi Carli on upgrades for the tile calorimeter. My specific contributions were developing a new high resolution read out system for the calorimeter. The function of the calorimeter is particles will hit it at a certain spot, due to scintillating materials in the calorimeter it luminesces when these particles hit it and optical fibers carry this signal to be readout by a photomultiplier. Before my research, bundles of 13-69 fibers were readout all by one photomultiplier. This reduced the spatial resolution of the calorimeter since fibers would be only able to localize to the bundled fiber regions. My research at CERN was implementing multi-anode photomultiplier tubes in order to increase the resolution of the calorimeter. Since these sensors did not properly fit the current bunch readout, I designed custom fiber light guides to map fibers to different regions of the photomultiplier tube. Additionally, I wrote many parts of the custom signal processing methods for these sensors.